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E Waste

On 1 July 2019, the Victorian Government’s electronic waste (e-waste) ban came into effect.

Now, any device that has a plug, battery or power cord that is no longer working or wanted is banned from going into landfill.

E-waste is growing three times faster than the rate of standard municipal waste and contains many hazardous or valuable materials which don’t belong in landfill.

Materials from these devices such as plastic, batteries, precious metals and glass can be turned into reusable products such as toys, keyboards, new batteries, new screens for TVs, jewellery and more.

All Southern Grampians Shire transfer stations collect e-waste. While most of these items are part of a recycling scheme and will be free to recycle, some items will incur a fee. Refer to the table below for charges.

E-waste is anything with a cord, plug or battery, and should be disposed of separately to regular waste and recycling.

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E-Waste Charges

Item Recycling Program in Place? Charge at Transfer station?
Televisions Computers Printers Scanners Mouse Keyboard Motherboards YES - National TV and Computer Recycling Scheme No charge – covered by National Scheme
Mobile Phones Phones Chargers YES – Mobile Muster. Take to Telstra, Optus or Reply-paid postage at Post Offices No charge
Fluorescent tubes Compact fluorescent lights YES – Sustainability Victoria permanent drop off sites (Portland, Warrnambool, Horsham, Ararat, Colac) Also accepted at Council transfer stations. No charge
Small household batteries YES – take to Aldi supermarket No charge
Car/truck batteries YES – leave at transfer station No charge
Refrigerators YES – scrap metal Degassing charge if evidence of correct degassing is not provided
Microwave ovens YES – scrap metal No charge
Other appliances containing metals YES – scrap metal No charge
All other electronic waste items NO $5.00 for 30x30x30 cm $15.00 for 50x50x50 cm $20 for larger than 50x50x50 cm
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