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Bushfire Survival General Checklist

  • Many homes in high risk bushfire areas are not built to withstand bushfire and survival must be your main priority. To find out if you should defend your house from bushfire, use the CFA’s Household Bushfire Self-Assessment Tool online or book a free CFA site visit at or call 1800 240 667.
  • Start clearing up around your property. Even if you plan to leave well before a fire threatens, you may not be able to. A well-prepared building may shield you from radiant heat, which can kill you.
  • Find out the location of the nearest Neighbourhood Safer Place and how to get there. The CFA website lists Neighbourhood Safer Places.
  • Pack your relocation kit. This should contain, food, water, woollen blankets, mobile phone with charger, a first-aid kit, medication, prescriptions, battery powered radios, important contacts, pet food and bedding and anything else you may need away from home.
  • Be aware of your children’s school Bushfire Survival Plan by talking to school staff or visit
  • Prepare a written Bushfire Survival Plan and consider the needs of the elderly, people with special needs, children, pets and/or livestock. Obtain your free FireReady Kit from or call 1800 240 667.
  • Practise your Bushfire Survival Plan – doing so increases your chances of survival in a fire. Make sure you have back-up plans and alternative exit routes in place. Fires are erratic and can arrive at unexpected times.
  • Regularly monitor conditions, know the Fire Danger Rating in your area and keep up-to-date by tuning into ABC Local Radio, commercial radio and SKY NEWS. The Fire Danger Rating is your trigger to act.
  • To be better prepared in your local area, visit for your local Community Fireguard Group and/or attend FireReady Victoria community meetings.
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