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Heritage Places are important for enriching our lives and our communities. They provide a window into the past and add character, appeal and interest to towns and the countryside. They are irreplaceable and precious, both today and for future generations. Southern Grampians Shire contains an outstanding array of heritage places, ranging from cottages, precincts, halls, grand homesteads, land features, ruins, cemeteries, and infrastructure such as bridges, which help tell the stories of our community. In recognition of the contribution of heritage places to the identity and attraction of the Shire, Council provides practical assistance to owners and managers of heritage places to help maintain and restore these significant places.

Southern Grampians | Heritage Advisory Service

Council, in partnership with Heritage Victoria, provide the services of a qualified Conservation Architect to provide advice to owners and occupiers of heritage buildings about maintenance, restoration or renovation and other changes.
The Heritage Adviser is available through Council, by appointment, either on site or at the Council office at 1 Market Place, Hamilton. The service is free of charge. Contact the Planning Department to make an appointment.

What kind of project is eligible for funding?

Projects that do not require a planning permit
Under the Heritage Overlay, no planning permit is required for repairs and routine maintenance, which do not change the appearance of the heritage place. The repairs must be undertaken to the same details, specifications, and materials as existing. Projects could include re-roofing, masonry repairs, new guttering, re-painting, pointing, repair to window frames, verandah floors and facades.

Projects that require a planning permit
Projects that require a planning permit are eligible for funding, provided a current planning permit has been obtained from Council. Projects could include reinstatement of lost features, such as verandahs, parapets, original windows, a new front fence in an approved style.

What will not be funded?

  • Requests for retrospective funding (work that has already been done)
  • Inappropriate restoration works
  • New additions or extensions (unless they are a reconstruction of an original element)
  • Works on non-significant and non-heritage buildings or features
  • Internal works where internal controls do not apply
  • Architectural and engineering services, cost estimates, preparation of drawings
  • Labour by the owner or applicant of the project

Heritage Property Information

Applying for Grants and Funding

Planning Department
1 Market Place
Hamilton Vic 3300
Phone (03) 5573 0444

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