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Explanation of Key Terms

Preparing your property for summer is vital for the survival of life and property during wildfire.

Council advises all landholders that they share responsibility for fire prevention and Southern Grampians Shire have a number of programs to ensure that the area is free of fire hazards.

Council undertake a structured annual inspection program to identify properties that may have vegetation that does or may pose a hazard in the event of a fire occurring.

CFA provide a wealth of information on preparation of property for surviving wildfire. Hard copies are available through your local fire brigade, CFA office or by visiting .

Some residents do not have the ability to clear blocks, therefore Council provides a list of Contractors who have registered their names as being available to provide this service are listed below for your reference, please read the disclaimer on the list carefully.

For further advice contact the Council's Municipal Fire Prevention Officer on (03) 5573 0444

Key Term Explanation
10 meter perimeter break Slash or mow from fence line inside property, a 10 meter perimeter break to a height not exceeding 100mm, removing cut vegetation.
5 meter perimeter break Slash or mow from fence line inside property, a 5 meter perimeter break to a height of 100mm, removing cut vegetation.
Excess fine fuel Within property cut fine fuels (grass and weeds) to a height of no more than 100mm and remove.
Excess heavy fuel Within property cut heavy fuels (sticks and branches dropped from trees) and remove.
Excess rubbish Within property remove any excess rubbish i.e. anything that may contribute to a fire (cardboard, newspapers, household rubbish etc.).
Excess vegetation Cut and remove excess vegetation from around property to a height of 100mm.
Fine fuel on house Remove leaves, sticks and limbs from on the dwelling.
Grass length Cut and remove all grass or vegetation or weeds to a height of 100mm on whole of property.
Isolate heavy fuel Clear a 3 meter break around any (piles or stacked) of heavy fuels.
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