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Animal adoption

Surrendered animals, or lost animals that are not claimed by their owners, enter the adoption process, which involves a veterinary assessment and behaviour review. All dogs and cats adopted will be vaccinated, microchipped, desexed and treated for worms and fleas.

Animals for Adoption

Current animals for adoption are listed in recent posts on our Facebook page. To find out more about available animals, contact our Local Laws Team on 5573 0445.

Behaviour Assessment
The behaviour assessment aims to create a ‘snap shot’ of an animal’s behaviour whilst at the pound. While every effort is made to accurately describe an animal’s behaviour, an animal may behave differently in its new home environment.

Veterinary Assessment
Every animal available for adoption has undertaken a veterinary assessment to identify any current veterinary conditions or injuries. While an identified condition may not prevent the animal from being adopted, an ongoing condition may increase ongoing veterinary bills or may decrease the animal's predicted life span. We make every effort to accurately inform a potential adopter of any known conditions and the potential impact on the animal's future. If an animal has an ongoing veterinary condition, please consider carefully how the condition or issue will impact on you, before agreeing to adopt.

Adoption Process
If you find an animal available for adoption on the website, please contact the Local Laws on 03 5573 0444 to register your interest in adoption. If the animal is available, the animal can be placed on hold for a maximum of 48 hours, until an appointment can be made for you to attend for a ‘meet and greet’. A ‘meet and greet’ can take approximately 30 minutes.

Please note:
Adoption fees apply.

If you have more than two dogs or two cats, you'll need to provide evidence of a Local Laws excess animal permit or Planning permit obtained from your local Council.

If you rent, you'll need to provide written evidence that your landlord is happy for you to have a dog or cat at your home.

Once all documentation and payment is completed, the animal will be booked in for any veterinary procedures required. If the animal requires desexing, the animal is booked in. The animal will then be available for collection the following day.

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