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About Planning Permits

A Planning Permit is a legal document that gives permission for a use or development on a particular piece of land.

To obtain a permit, an application must be made to Council's Planning Department via an online portal called Greenlight. Here is the link.

If Council agrees with your planning proposal, it will grant a Planning Permit with written conditions, and (usually) endorse plans, that show what is to be built and how the land can be used.

Successful applicants must satisfy all the conditions on a planning permit and comply with the endorsed plans.

Any changes to approved plans and permit conditions must be approved by Council. If changes are more than minor, Council may require a new planning permit application be processed for consideration.

Before you submit a detailed application for a planning permit you are encouraged to discuss your proposal with Planning Department staff who can advise you about whether or not an application is required and what information and/or documentation will need to be supplied.

You will be asked to register an account with Greenlight, which you only need to do once.

How to obtain a copy of your Property Title

All planning permit applications must be accompanied by a recent copy of title, which can be obtained online from Landata - Land Victoria. Please note, fees apply to obtain a copy of title online.

The timeframe of a Planning Permit

Each Planning Permit has a condition which states the timeframe that development, use or certification must be started and completed within for the permit to be valid. It is possible to request an extension of time if the permit is due to expire or has recently expired. Please ensure you fill out the relevant documentation and pay the required fee for your request to be considered.

Receiving a Planning Certificate

Once a Planning Permit application is approved by Council, a planning certificate is issued by the Victorian Government Minister for Planning and it provides details of:

• The planning triggers or mechanisms affecting a property.
• The zoning of a property or and any other planning controls affecting the property, such as Heritage Overlays or Design and Development Overlays.

Planning certificates are required to confirm this information, as zoning or overlay information cannot be given over the telephone. A certificate can be obtained at

Current Planning Permit applications

Southern Grampians Shire Council notifies the public of many planning permit applications to provide anyone who may be affected by the granting of the permit an opportunity to lodge a submission.

To view current applications being advertised by Council and elsewhere (or to make comment, or object about an application), please click here. You will be asked to register an account with Greenlight, which you only need to do once.

For more information on any of the planning permit applications please contact the Planning Department.

Applications on Public Exhibition - Compliance Disclaimer

The information contained in this online registry is provided for the purpose of the planning process as set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The information must not be used for any other purpose. By viewing the applications, you acknowledge and agree that you will only use the information for the purpose specific above and that any dissemination or distribution of this information is strictly prohibited.

Comments or objections

Comments or objections relating to permit applications can be submitted via the GreenLight portal here:

You will be asked to register an account with Greenlight, which you only need to do once.

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