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Footpath and Roadside Trading

Please allow 3-5 business days to process all application

Advertising Signs, Goods Display & Outdoor Eating

Footpath Activities Permits are required by all persons seeking to use a footpath or other public places for commercial activity, including:

  • the placing of free standing advertising signs; (The maximum size of the sign must not exceed 700mm in width and 1m in height including frame & fixtures)
  • advertising banners; (not greater than 5 square meters & can be displayed for up to 4 weeks/28 days)
  • display of goods; (may only be displayed outside the frontage of the applicant’s place of trade maximum 50% of shop front & placed in the Trading Zone, )
  • provision of outdoor eating facilities; or
  • Furniture and equipment (All street furniture (including umbrellas and portable heaters) must have a minimum clearance height of 2 metres and must not obstruct traffic visibility).

Itinerant Trading

Itinerant Traders must obtain a permit when trading is to occur:

  • from a vehicle
  • from any temporary method of transport including a caravan, trailer or other similar structure;
  • from a road;
  • from a property including any Council land or public place; or
  • adjacent to or on a road

A person must not undertake Itinerant Trading:

  • within 50 metres of a permanent business that is selling the same or a similar product, except as an approved trader being part of a stall, festival or other event approved by Council;
  • within 100 metres of a festival or other event approved by Council unless expressly permitted by Council;
  • in a way that obstructs or restricts pedestrian or vehicular traffic;
  • in a way that obstructs or interferes with entry to or exit from any buildings or land;
  • in a way that obstructs or restricts the use of any footpath or Road;
  • in an area other than the area specified by Council in their Permit; or
  • in an area designated by Council as belonging to another Itinerant Trader under their Permit

Fees & Charges

Permit Type Duration Cost
Itinerant Trading Permit Per Month $133.00
Itinerant Trading Permit Per Year $1040.00
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