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Hamilton Business Park

Hamilton Business Park

Current Status

Hamilton Business Park is now open for sales. For more information on block availability and to make a sales enquiry, please call Elders, Hamilton on 5551 6600.

About the park

Hamilton Business Park offers investment ready, fully serviced industrial land parcels with 23 allotments between 1,800m2 and 6,800m2 in size available across 7.5ha.

The key features of the precinct are its positioning on the southern gateway to the city of Hamilton, proximity to the Hamilton Saleyards and access to heavy vehicle routes and industrial trunk infrastructure. The Hamilton Saleyards triangle is located at the centre of the precinct. To the west, the large parcel of grazing land is currently used by Saleyards and this use is to be retained.

The precinct also forms a critical link for north-south bound traffic to/from the Hamilton Central Activity District and east-west bound traffic to/from Hamilton’s southern industrial, rural activity and residential precincts.

This project was identified as being crucial for the Greater Hamilton region to increase capacity to offer new investors opportunity to grow infrastructure, and also importantly for local businesses to expand without having to leave the area.

The newly available land parcels have untapped and unlimited potential to provide opportunity for new businesses to flourish with each block benefitting from power, gas, and high speed broadband.

Key features include

  • Encouraging variation in types of industrial development
  • Establishing a heavy vehicle hub
  • Better manage existing land use in south eastern corner
  • Improving the landscape treatment along Henty Highway
  • Establish a Design and Development Overlay
  • Strategically add through roads to allow for coordinated sub-division
  • Upgrade lighting along Portland Road


1. Water Supply - completed
2. Waste Water - completed
3. Stormwater - completed
4. Roads Internal - completed
5. Electrical Works and Telstra+NBN - to be completed.
7. Road to connect to Port Fairy - completed
8. Landscaping Works - design completed.
9. Open for sales - current

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