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GenR8 Change

GenR8 Change is an initiative created for the Southern Grampians community to ‘make the healthy choice, the easy choice’ for children in the region.

In Southern Grampians, much like most communities across Australia, it is much easier to make unhealthy choices about what we eat and how active we are. With the assistance of Deakin University data was collected that showed many children within Southern Grampians were not at a healthy weight and were not making good food and activity choices.

As a community, we need to act now otherwise this will lead to wide-ranging and significant consequences on our children relating to their economic outcomes, life expectancy, quality of life and educational attainment. GenR8 Change is about the whole community coming together and making changes so that the healthy choice is the much easier choice, especially for children.

Here is a sample of some of the work that is taking place within the Shire:

  • Banning sugary drinks in junior sporting clubs and associations
  • Creating a safe community space for breastfeeding mothers and families
  • Developing a "water friendly" shop campaign
  • Making school drop-off zones a minimum 200m away from school gates
  • Giving out vouchers for facility access as a reward for junior team sports
  • Making healthy eating part of the family day care policy
  • Working with Wannon Water and schools to develop water only policies and practices within all education settings
  • Establishing safe active transport routes for schools

Visit GenR8 Change website or visit their facebook page.

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