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Sustainability Strategy 2024-2041

The Southern Grampians Shire Council Sustainability Strategy 2024-2041 will be a key strategic document that council will implement over the coming decade and beyond. This document will shape the way both council and the community transition to our shared vision for a sustainable future.

We would like the community to help us to create the strategy via two methods:

1. Provide feedback on this discussion paper before March 30, 2024. You can email before March 31, 2024.
2. Complete this survey before March 31, 2024. The results will feed into the draft strategy.

The feedback collected will be incorporated into the creation of the Sustainability Strategy. Once developed the draft strategy will be advertised for community consultation before it is presented to councillors for final adoption.

Council will also be delivering a series of pop-up engagement sessions across the Shire over the coming months, sessions to be announced shortly.


Planning permit application TP/032/2023


The amendment proposes to rezone 4.047 hectares of land at 2-20 Taylor Street Dunkeld zoned Rural Living Zone - Schedule 2 (RLZ2) to Low Density Residential Zone - Schedule 2 (LDRZ2). The draft planning permit application seeks approval for the subdivision of the land to create four (4) lots.

For further details, refer to the explanatory report about the amendment.

Details of the amendment

The Southern Grampians Shire Council has prepared Amendment C60sgra to the Southern Grampians Planning Scheme.

The land affected by the amendment is 2-20 Taylor Street Dunkeld.

The land affected by the application is 2-20 Taylor Street Dunkeld.

The application is for a permit to subdivide the subject land into 4 lots.

The applicant for the permit is Lifestyle Town Planning and Services.

You may inspect the amendment, the explanatory report about the amendment, the application, and any documents that support the amendment and the application, including the proposed permit, free of charge, at:

- the Southern Grampians website at
- during office hours, at the office of the planning authority, Southern Grampians Shire Council, 1 Market Place, Hamilton VIC 3300 or 111 Brown Street Hamilton, VIC, 3300.
- at the Department of Transport and Planning website or by contacting 1800 789 386 to arrange a time to view the amendment documentation.

Any person may make a submission to the planning authority about the amendment and the application. Submissions must be made in writing giving the submitter’s name and contact address, clearly stating the grounds on which the amendment and/or application are supported or opposed and indicating what changes (if any) the submitter wishes to make.

Name and contact details of submitters are required for planning authority to consider submissions and to notify such persons of the opportunity to attend planning authority meetings and any public hearing held to consider submissions.

The closing date for submissions is 1 March 2024.

A submission must be sent to the Southern Grampians Shire Council via email (preferred), or mail to Southern Grampians Shire Council Locked bag 685, Hamilton, Victoria 3300.

The planning authority must make a copy of every submission available at its office and/or its website for any person to inspect free of charge until the end of the two months after the amendment comes into operation or lapses.

Planning Department
Southern Grampians Shire Council,
111 Brown Street Hamilton, VIC, 3300

Related documents on exhibition:

- Explanatory Report
- Planning Report
- Instruction Sheet
- Draft Planning Permit
- Proposed Plan of Subdivision
- Map
- Council Resolution 21.6.23

(Posted 16.01.23)

Revitalising Hamilton CBD - Share your ideas

The Hamilton CBD Streetscape Revitalisation Project is set to transform the heart of our city, focusing on CBD streets between Kennedy and Cox; and French and Lonsdale Streets. This ambitious project aims to enhance the streets and public spaces, benefiting residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

The initiative stems from the Hamilton Structure Plan, prepared for the Council in 2012, and the Hamilton CBD Masterplan in 2020. It aligns with other significant projects like the New Hamilton Gallery and the Community and Government Hub Build, creating a comprehensive vision for a vibrant and thriving CBD.

Now we need your help - To ensure this project reflects the desires and aspirations of our community, we invite your active participation. If you have seen amazing street furniture, captivating public art, or engaging street activations during your travels
across the country, we encourage you to share your discoveries with us.

To contribute your ideas, comments, and images, and to votes on the ideas of others, simply visit our social pinpoint platform

Together, we can co-create a revitalised CBD that reflects our collective vision for our community!

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