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Raffles/ Fundraising & Events including Busking


Appeals and raffles are monitored within the Hamilton CBD so as to avoid too many applicants holding raffles on the same day

Council only allow two appeal / raffle activities in the CBD on the same day; and does not allow people to roam the streets or collect donations from intersections.

Fundraising Events

A fundraising permit is required if you are wanting to hold a fundraising event on Council land, including footpaths, parks and gardens, public car parks, or roads. If you don't have a permit, penalties may apply.

Fundraising events include raising funds, attaining pledges or increasing public awareness for:

  • National or international charities
  • Local churches
  • Schools
  • Not-for-profit clubs
  • Other local charities.


If you or a small group of people would like to busk on Council owned land (park, footpath, nature strip, public car park or road) to raise funds for personal gain or charity donation, you need to apply for a Busking Permit. If you don't have a permit, you may receive a fine.

Busking activities include:

  • Playing a musical instrument and/or singing
  • Conjuring or performing magic
  • Juggling
  • Miming
  • Dancing
  • Performing puppetry
  • Performance art
  • Recitations
  • Other appropriate theatrical or visual performance.

You can apply for a busking permit here

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