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Rates Information

To ensure consistency and equity in the levying of rates and charges we have a rating strategy. This provides for differential rates to be levied on the capital improved values of all rateable land to reflect the different standard, range and access to municipal services available to residents and ratepayers in different areas of the Shire.

Payment of Rates and Charges

  • The dates fixed for payment are the last days of September, November, February and May
  • Interest at the rate of 10% per annum will be charged on any rates and charges remaining unpaid after the due dates
  • For further information on how you can pay your rates and sign up to receive your rate notice electronically please go to How can I receive an pay my rates

Pension Concession

The Local Government Act 1989 provides that eligible pensioners shall receive a reduction of rates levied. Application must be made via an Application for Concession on Municipal Rates and Charges form.

If individual pension details have not changed, it is not necessary to re-apply for the concession each year.

Please visit for further information regarding the concession and for the application form.

Please Note. A Health Care Card does not entitle the holder to a rate reduction.

Farm Rate Concessions

Where multiple parcels of farm land are used to operate a single farming enterprise (SFE), a person may only be required to pay the Municipal Charge and the Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL) fixed charge once by applying for the single farm enterprise exemption.

  • The Municipal Charge must be paid on at least one rateable land within the single farming enterprise in each Council.

  • The FSPL fixed charge must be paid on at least one leviable land which forms part of the SFE (the lands do not need to be located in a single Council municipality)

Please complete the online form here to apply for exemption.

Ratepayers wishing to apply the lower differential general rate (for farm land in the Parishes of North Hamilton and South Hamilton only) or requiring further information regarding the rating and valuation of their property are invited to contact the Rates Department.

For further information please contact Council's Rates Department.

Rates Department | Customer Service
111 Brown Street
Hamilton Vic 3300
Phone (03) 5573 0444

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