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Kindergarten is an important step for all young children. It will help them learn skills that they will build on throughout their life, improves their health and wellbeing, helps them to develop strong social skills and encourages a love of learning. Children who go to kindergarten are more independent and confident and are more likely to make a smooth move to primary school.

Research has shown that:

  • early education helps set children up for a bright future
  • attending two years of quality kindergarten has even greater benefits
  • at kindergarten children learn skills that they'll take with them throughout their life.

Kindergarten programs are delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher. They're designed to improve your child’s development in:

  • social skills, like how to play with other children in a calm, sharing and rewarding way
  • self-awareness and respect for others
  • emotional skills, for example understanding their feelings
  • language, literacy and numeracy skills, such as reading stories and counting objects
  • a joy for learning and group activities, such as talking, drawing and making things together with other children their own age
  • ability to make new friends
  • exposure to new ideas and concepts.

The Victorian Government provides funding to make kindergarten fees affordable so that all children have the opportunity to participate in a kindergarten program in the year before school. This is usually when they are four years old.

To be eligible to attend a funded kindergarten program in the year before school, children must be at least 4 years old by 30 April in their funded kindergarten year. Each child develops at their own rate and although child’s age may make them eligible to start kindergarten other factors may impact on their readiness for such an experience.

From 2020, the Victorian Government will be introducing a subsidised kindergarten for three year olds across our Shire.

Kindergarten programs across our Shire

Kindergartens are located in a number of areas across the Southern Grampian Shire, offering kindergarten programs for both three and four year olds.

Combined Preschools of Southern Grampians coordinates the following kindergarten programs as an Early Years Manager:

Name | Location Phone Email
Branxholme (03) 5519 0704
Cavendish (03) 5574 2208
Church Hill | Hamilton (03) 5572 1852
Coleraine (03) 5575 2359
Dunkeld (03) 5577 2348
Penshurst (03) 5576 5298
Mitchell Park | Hamilton (03) 5572 2407
North Hamilton (03) 5572 2740

For enquiries or to request an Enrolment Application Form, please contact

For the below listed kindergartens contact them directly:

Name | Location Phone Email
Balmoral (03) 5570 1218
Hamilton Good Shepherd (03) 5571 2661
Roscoe Avenue Children's Centre | Hamilton (03) 5571 2600 | 1800 517 027
The Hamilton & Alexandra College Early Learning Centre (03) 5571 1066
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