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Council has introduced a compulsory Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) waste kerbside service for all Southern Grampians Shire residents currently receiving the compulsory waste and recycling service.

The FOGO bin is for food waste and garden waste and is collected fortnightly, on the same day as the garbage. (Refer to the waste calendar for your zone).

The organic waste is transported to Camperdown, where it is composted and used as a fertiliser and soil improver on farms.

Please keep in mind that only materials that can be composted should be placed in your organic waste bin.

You are responsible for keeping your organics bin in working condition. Lost or damaged bins (unless done so by the contractor) will need to be replaced. Please contact Customer Service on 5573 0444 for costs and further information.

Find out your next FOGO Collection Date

Please enter your address here to find your next pick up date and download your calendar.

Why do we need another bin?

The service is an easy way for households to actively make a positive difference to our environment. Around 56% of rubbish in our garbage bins is organic – food and garden waste. The collection of FOGO material reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, decreases greenhouse gas emissions and produces quality compost.

The State Government has announced it will be increasing the Landfill Levy for the next three years, so the cost to Council of putting waste in landfill will continue to increase. Reducing the amount of rubbish put into landfill reduces this cost.

Additionally, under the State Government’s recently announced Circular Economy Policy, all Councils in Victoria will need to implement a FOGO service over the next few years.

What do I put in the FOGO bin?

All food waste (raw and cooked), meat, bones and garden waste. This includes any type of food scraps, unwanted leftovers, bones, eggshells, tea bags and tea leaves, seafood shells, coffee grounds, weeds, small branches, grass clippings, cuttings, dead flowers, pet fur and pet droppings.

What can't go in my FOGO bin?

Plastic, food packaging, nappies, fabrics and textiles, garden hoses, rocks, tree stumps, plant pots, building material, soil, glass or metal, household rubbish, treated/painted/laminated or stained timber. These items are not acceptable for compost and your service may be suspended if you place incorrect items in your FOGO bin. Please note that our contractor's collection trucks are equipped with cameras to monitor bin contamination.

When do I put out my FOGO bin?

FOGO bins will be collected fortnightly, on the alternate week to the recycle bin (yellow lid).

During Spring (September to November) we will collect it weekly to assist with removing the large amount of garden waste produced in Spring.

Do I have to pay for the FOGO bin?

Yes. You will have to pay Council for the new FOGO Bin (lime green lid), then it will be delivered to your property. The cost of the new bin is $85.00.

You will also receive a kitchen caddy free of charge for collection of food scraps. The annual residential kerbside waste fee for garbage, recycling and FOGO will be charged via your Council rates.

How do I prevent odours in the bin?

  • Wrap and place any smelly food scraps such as seafood shells in the freezer until collection day.
  • Keep your bins in the shade with the bin lids tightly closed.
  • Layering cardboard, newspaper or green waste at the bottom of the FOGO bin can help to absorb liquids and prevent waste sticking to the inside of the bin.
  • Where possible, allow lawn clippings and garden cuttings to dry out before going in the bin.

What happens to the FOGO waste?

FOGO waste is taken away by our kerbside waste contractor. It is then turned into compost by an EPA-licensed composter and used as a soil improver on farms and in gardens.

I already compost and have chickens. Why do I need a FOGO bin?

If you're already composting, we encourage you to keep going. FOGO is complementary to your home compost system or worm farm. It provides additional capacity for garden waste, excess food and hard-to-compost items such as meat, citrus, chilli and processed foods.

Additionally, under the State Government’s recently revised Circular Economy Policy, all Councils in Victoria will need to implement a compulsory FOGO service over the next few years.

What is the kitchen caddy for?

The kitchen caddy is for easy collection of kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings, food scraps, egg shells, tea bags etc.

What kind of bin bags can I use in my kitchen caddy?

All bags used with the kitchen caddy must be compostable bags. 'Biodegradable' or 'Degradable' bags MUST NOT be used, as these can still contain plastic and just break down into smaller bits of plastic. The correct bags can be purchased from Customer Service at 111 Brown St or 1 Market Place, Hamilton. The current price is $5.00 for a roll of 75. They are also available for purchase at Woolworths, Coles and IGA supermarkets.

The use of compostable bags in the caddy is optional. It can also be lined with paper towel or newspaper or, you can go without a liner all together and just rinse your caddy after emptying.

See our handy guide to bin liners here.

More information

Please call Customer Service on 5573 0444 or email your questions to

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