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Southern Grampians Bus Services

Enhanced Regional Bus Services


Regional bus links from Hamilton to key regional centres such as Ballarat, Mt Gambier and Warrnambool are weak. The level of service is inconsistent with the needs of a regional town the size of Hamilton (around 9,000 residents) especially one without a passenger rail service, and with its ageing population and strong education sector.

There are only two return services daily from Hamilton to Ballarat. The service to Warrnambool is even more limited. Access to Ballarat is critical for residents to effectively access employment, social connectedness, and essential medical appointments. Access to Warrnambool is critical for hundreds of South West TAFE students who rely on being in Warrnambool for workshop/technical training. Currrently there is no service that allows residents to complete a days work or study with return to the region in the same day. Warrnambool and Ballarat are key locations for medical services not available in Hamilton along with other support services. Public transport access into Coleraine is also severely limited and would be addressed with an improved coach service.


Strengthened regional bus links on the Ballarat-Hamilton-Mt Gambier route is required, and further investigation by DoT on the level of service between Hamilton and Warrnambool is warranted.

Ballarat is the most significant nearby regional city (>100,000 pop) for Hamilton. A 2017 business case identified the need for expanded regional coach services from Hamilton as an immediate priority.

The Ask

1. Minimum two additional services 7 days per week on the Ballarat-Hamilton-Mt Gambier route.
2. An additional week day service to Warrnambool from Casterton/Coleraine through Hamilton. This would arrive in Warrnambool before 8:30am and depart at 4:30pm back to Hamilton.

Priorities Addressed

  • Community Activation
  • Economic Growth
  • Environment
  • Mental Health
  • Jobs
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