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Registering a new food premise

Apply to start a food business

To operate a food business in Southern Grampians Shire the first step is to submit an Application for Notify / Registration of a Food Premises.

Applications are held to account by regulations in the Food Act 1984, to ensure the safe sale of food to the public.

There are numerous factors that come into consideration when granting a registration to sell food, some of which include the type of food being sold, the premises used, the facilities available and access to utilities.

Further information about establishing a food business and where your food business would fit in the classification system, as well what you need to do to set up a temporary food operation is available on Victorian Department of Health website.

Food Business Classification

There are five classes of food premises – Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 3A and Class 4. This classification system ensures that the regulatory requirements are matched appropriately to the level of food safety risk associated undertaken at the respective premises.

Refer to the below food premises classification factsheet for further information:

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